Mexico Board Of Education Accepts Dustin Pascoe’s Resignation And Will Now Look To Fill Vacant Seat

The Mexico Board of Education will be looking to fill a vacant seat after accepting the resignation of former president Dustin Pascoe during a special session held at Central Office tonight (Thursday).

Current Mexico Board of Education President Todd Yager says they will post the open seat for 2 weeks.

The person filling the open seat will be appointed to serve until April when an election will be held.

In a letter of resignation from Dustin Pascoe he states he will soon no longer be a legal resident of the Mexico 59 school district, so he is resigning his position effective Tuesday, September 21st, 2021.

Pascoe began serving on the Board in April of 2011.

Pascoe also served as the Mexico Board of Education President until April 20th, when he and Todd Yager were both nominated for the position, and the Mexico Board members voted in Todd Yager to serve in the position.





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