Mexico Girls Tennis Singles Star Shelby Kennemore Advances To Sectionals And Six Players Earn All-District Honors

(Photo Credit To Eric Mattson)


Mexico Girls Tennis Team member Shelby Kennemore is advancing to Sectionals after taking second place and All-District honors in the District Tournament held in Mexico yesterday (Monday).


Shelby will play on Friday with the Sectionals starting at 4pm in Mexico.

Katie Gooch took home 3rd place and All-District honors yesterday (Monday).

In doubles it was Lily Yager and Winona Whelan in 4th place with All-District honors.

And Jocelyn Garcia and Estrella Lopez finished in 3rd place with All-District honors.


Results from District Tournament:


Shelby Kennemore – (2-1) – 2nd Place – All-District Honors

Vs. Marin Elmore – Kirksville 6-3, 6-0

Vs. Kristyn Kruse – Moberly 6-3, 6-1  semis

Vs. Gracie Riemenschneider 4-6, 2-6  finals


Katie Gooch – (2-1) – 3rd place – All-District Honors

Vs. Taylor McGlothlin – Richmond – 6-0, 6-0

Vs. Gracie Riemenschneider 3-6, 2-6  semis

Vs. Kristyn Kruse – Moberly 8-3



Lily Yager & Winona Whelan – (1-2) 4th place – All-District Honors

Vs. KIrksville  Williams/DeLeon  6-1, 6-1

Vs. Palmyra  Rindom/Gottman  1-6, 0-6

Vs. Mexico Garcia/Lopez  4-8


Jocelyn Garcia & Estrella Lopez – (2-1) 3rd place – All-District Honors

Vs. Moberly  Kroner/Myers  6-0, 6-3

Vs. Palmyra 4-6. 2-6  Gottman/Durst  4-6, 2-6

Vs. Mexico 8-4  Yager/Whelan