Jury Begins Deliberation In 2017 Montgomery County Homicide Case

The fate of Michael Humphrey is now in the hands of twelve jurors from Cape Girardeau County.

Humphrey is accused in the murder of New Florence reptile breeder Ben Renick in 2017.

Testimony today included a Missouri State Highway Patrol investigator who testified as to interviews with Humphrey regarding the murder weapon and where it came from and where it went.

Testimony was also heard on text messages between Humphrey and Renick’s wife Lynlee, also charged in Renick’s death, and whether or not they might have been sent to simply provide an alibi.

The state rested their case at 2:37 this (Wednesday) afternoon after which the defense presented a motion to dismiss the case, claiming the state had not proved their case.

The motion was denied.

Humphrey did not testify and no evidence was presented by the defense team.

The jury began deliberations around 4:30 and just over an hour later asked four questions of Judge Jason Lamb: they wanted transcripts of audio recordings; pictures of gunshot wounds and crime scene photos; slides of text messages from Humphrey’s and Lynlee Renick’s phones; and clarification in jury instructions.

Humphrey’s ex-girlfriend and the wife of Ben Renick, Lynlee Renick, is also charged in the murder and her trial begins in December in Boone County on a change of venue.