Prosecutors Claim Murder Weapon Found In Lynlee Renick Murder Case

Prosecutors in the murder trial against Lynlee Renick claim police have found what they believe to be the gun used to kill Montgomery County snake breeder, and Lynlee’s husband Ben.

After Michael Humphrey was convicted of murder in the case by a jury in an Audrain County courtroom in Mexico on October 20th, prosecuting attorney Kevin Zoellener is saying they are working on a deal with Humphrey.

Among other things, Zoellner said Humphrey will testify against Lynlee Renick in exchange for a life in prison sentence, with the option of parole, by downgrading the charge from first-degree to second degree murder.

Zoellner says Humphrey led police to the firearm yesterday (Friday), and investigators are sending the weapon to a crime lab for confirmation.

Lynlee Renick is charged with first-degree murder and armed criminal action.

Her trial is set to begin on December 6th.