Testimony Continues During Day One Of Lynlee Renick’s Trial

In opening statements in the Lynlee Renick murder trial this (Monday) morning her lawyers are blaming Ben Renick’s death on Lynlee’s ex-boyfriend Michael Humphrey.

The murder case against Lynlee is being heard in Boone County.


The nine women and five men on the jury, including alternates, were brought in over the weekend from Clay County.

Defense attorney Tim Hesemann in his opening statements said Lynlee Renick’s ex-boyfriend, Michael Humphrey, was solely responsible for the killing and is trying to save himself by pinning the blame on her.

Prosecutor Kelly King says Humphrey initially denied being involved before telling investigators Lynlee Renick pulled the trigger.

Ashley Shaw, an employee at Lynlee Renick’s spa business, testified that she provided Percocet pills in Renick’s first attempt to kill Benjamin.

When that attempt didn’t work, Shaw said Lynlee brought up Michael Humphrey’s name and testified that Humphrey was able to get a gun for Lynlee.