Jury Deliberating Lynlee Renick’s Fate

The fate of accused murderer Lynlee Renick is in the hands of the jury in her trial underway in Boone County.

Renick took the stand in her own defense yesterday (Wednesday), testifying that she asked Michael Humphrey to go with her to Benjamin Renick’s snake house because she was going to ask Benjamin for a divorce and didn’t feel safe going alone.

She claimed she didn’t know that Humphrey had a gun until he turned around and she saw it in his hand and then shots rang out.

Lynlee testified that she regrets not telling officers everything from the beginning.

When asked by prosecutors why the jury should believe her testimony, Renick said “…all I can do is just sit up here and tell the truth, and at least I would have gotten it out.”

The jury went out for deliberation just after 5 yesterday (Wednesday) evening and broke for the night just before 11.





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