Mexico Middle School Wrestlers Finish Season At Home Against Blair Oaks, Southern Boone And Hallsville

The Mexico Middle School wrestling team finished out their wrestling season at home last (Thursday) night against Blair Oaks, Southern Boone and Hallsville.  

Individual Matches: 

Evan Blair 2-0 with 2 Pin Fall

Matthew Pfeifer 1-2 with 1 Pin Fall

Evan Wilson 2-0

Jaylin Merriman 0-1

Grant Walker 0-1

Brayden Arnold 0-2

Carlos Juarez 1-1 with 1 Pin Fall

Nathan Hartegan 2-1 with 2 Pin Falls

Kavion Scott 0-2

Kyler Carr 1-2 with 1 Pin Fall

Jaden Thewlis 2-0 with 1 Pin Fall

Titus Grubb 1-1 with 1 Pin Fall

Riley Stuart 0-2

Brixton Goerne 1-2 with 1 Pin Fall

Aaron Ortiz 1-1

Evin Ford 0-2

Carter Ford 2-0

Taylor Parker 0-1

Travis Shramek 0-1

Hunter Whipple 0-2

Alyssa Knight 1-1 with 1 Pin Fall

Matt Prater 1-1

Kelton Witherspoon 1-1 with 1 Pin Fall

Kayleigh Wiecken 0-1

Brayden Stephens 1-1

Coaches: Tony Senor, Adam Barnett, Latimer Slater, Jaylen Lee, Kayla Pfeifer

Coach’s Comments:

The Mexico Middle School Wrestlers went 19-30 as a team. We finished out our season with a little tougher competition. We are proud of each wrestler. They have come a long way since the beginning of the season. Thanks to the administration and parents for another successful season for our wrestlers.




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