MoDOT Updates Road Conditions For Monday Morning

MoDOT is cautioning drivers this (Monday) morning as some roads may be covered with black ice.

The black ice is a transparent ice that is hard to see and it usually forms when some kind of moisture gets on the ground and then freezes.

Many newer cars are equipped with an anti-lock braking system, that prevents wheels from locking up when slipping on black ice.

If your vehicle is not equipped with ABS it is recommended to pump your brakes lightly to avoid them locking up if you find yourself skidding on black ice.

According to MoDOT area engineer Brian Untiedt major routes in Monroe, Randolph and Audrain counties are mostly clear. As you drive north towards Hannibal and Shelbina the roads are partially covered.

It is recommend to check the MoDOT traveler’s map to see the road conditions near you.