Deacon Haag Represents Mexico Wrestling In Tournament Named For His Grandfather Gary Haag

Mexico High School senior wrestler Deacon Haag took part as his schools sole representative in a tournament named for his Grandfather on Saturday at the Brookfield High School.

A day after Deacon’s 18th birthday he went to Brookfield and found himself wrestling in the final match of the day at the Gary Haag Invitational.


Deacon came through with a tremendous win to take 2nd place in an extremely tough bracket.

Deacon earned 5 team points and improved his record to 27-4.


Deacon Haag (27-4) placed 2nd and scored 5.0 team points.

  • Round 1 – Deacon Haag (Mexico) 27-4 won by fall over Magnum Fenimore (Gallatin) 13-13 (Fall 1:55)
  • Round 2 – Fisher Nixdorf (Penney) 28-2 won by decision over Deacon Haag (Mexico) 27-4 (Dec 4-3)
  • Round 3 – Deacon Haag (Mexico) 27-4 won in the ultimate tie breaker over Caleb Johnson (Trenton) 23-2 (UTB 4-2)
  • Round 4 – Deacon Haag (Mexico) 27-4 won by decision over Aiden Christian (Holden) 11-8 (Dec 7-3)
  • Round 5 – Deacon Haag (Mexico) 27-4 won by decision over Luke Triplett (Palmyra) 28-6 (Dec 3-1)

Steve Haag head coach of the Mexico Bulldogs football team and the son of Gary Haag and Deacon’s dad was on hand and said “What an Awesome time today! Got to see some great wrestling. . . and that the old rivalries are still thriving. Would like to thank Brookfield for allowing Deacon to experience the Brookfield tournament. Loved seeing old friends who came out to watch, and also hearing the Brookfield crowd cheer for Deacon. Brookfield is a special place, and the wrestling program has been a proud beacon for the school and town.”