Incident At Mexico High School Under Investigation As An Increase In Splatter Ball Gun Usage Is Being Reported

An investigation is underway in Mexico after an incident at the Mexico High School last (Friday) night.

According to a news release from the Mexico Schools Communications Department at around 5:15 last (Friday) night, a group of high school students was in the parking lot of the Sports Complex in possession of and used what appeared to be a water bead or gel-ball type gun.

The high school administration was notified and soon after the incident and immediately contacted Mexico Public Safety.

No one was reported to be hurt in the incident.

The incident comes just days after the Fulton Police Department warned their community about an increase in splatter ball gun usage.

The splatter guns fires water filled capsules at a high velocity.

Fulton Police Chief Bill Ladwig says his department has responded to over 10 calls since the beginning of this month (March).

Ladwig says it appears that 2 different groups were kind of having a war with each other.

Many of the guns have been painted dark colors to look more like real firearms, and children are also taking off the orange tip that indicates that it is a toy.

The Fulton city ordinance states it is illegal to shoot any type of projectile inside city limits except for certain exceptions, such as the city archery range.

Chief Ladwig says Fulton Police Department will detain any minor injuring pedestrians and urges parents to talk to their children about playing with these water guns safely.