Platinum Health Updates Employees On Status Of Reopening Hospitals In Mexico And Fulton

Platinum Health is updating their employees on several aspects of operation they continue to work on as they move forward with getting the hospitals reopened in Fulton and Mexico.

Platinum assumed control of the hospitals, along with nine medical clinics from Noble Health on April 21st.

Platinum Team Management held a call-in meeting yesterday (Tuesday) with active employees and sent out an email stating there is no further update on payroll, however saying they are trying to resolve it as quickly as possible.

Some of the employees from Noble Health are on their third pay period without being paid.

Several clinic updates were also given to the employees.

The Walk in Clinic or Urgent Care in Mexico is now under Dr. Scott Dudley’s supervision and continues to be an health option for the community.

Dr. Diane Jacobi and Regina Hill have agreed to continue to see patients at the Family Medical Clinic in Mexico.

In Callaway County, Dr. Islam is continuing to see people at the Fulton Medical Clinic and staff are showing up to support the clinic.

As far as internal medicine Dr. Quinlan, Dr. Barjenbruch and Dr. Chen, along with their nurse practitioner, physician assistant and staff have been carrying the largest load of patients since the hospital closure. Platinum is saying the physicians, physicians assistants and nurse practitioners are continuing to see their patients, and staff are continuing to provide support for this team.

Outlying clinics in Montgomery City, Perry, Wellsville, and Auxvasse are closed to the public due to staff shortages.

Platinum says they have had four new vendors come to both hospitals to review what will be needed to get their network IT systems back operational with a decision on the vendor to be made soon.

The Audrain County Community Hospital now has a phone number that is operational of 573-582-5000. The Callaway Hospital was able to retain their main phone number throughout the transition.

Patients may request medical records from either hospital or from the open clinics. Payments may also be dropped off at the open clinics.

Platinum is working towards having the hospitals reopened prior to June 23rd, however a specific date is not known.