Brian Pursiful of Veteran’s Assistance League Announces Donation of New Accessible Golf Cart for the Veteran’s Home

Brian Pursiful, Vice President of the Mexico Veterans’ Home Assistance League, came in this morning to tell us about a new, custom made golf cart that is being donated to the Home. M&M golf carts built the cart and  ROBNETT graphic and Tint did the American flag graphics on the cart, all paid for by donations to the Assistance League.

The cart is accessible and all tricked out with a wrap of the American flag.  Residents will be able to use the cart to enjoy the walking trail to get sunshine and fresh air.


While the cart is rated for road use, the trail will be expanded a little to make travel down to the Optimist Ball Fields safe and comfortable so our vets can enjoy watching their children and grandchildren play or just enjoy the sport and the outdoors.

The cart will be presented on August 13th at the end of the Missouri Veterans’ Home Tournament at Arthur Hills Golf Course around 3:30 or 4:00.  The tournament is open to the public, participants and spectators, and Brian would love to see a crowd there to recognize the donation of the new cart.

If you and your team would like to enter the tournament, contact Kathy Winkleman at the Veterans’ Home for information by calling 573-522-4227.