Deadly Weekend at Lake of the Ozarks

Roy Jackson, 63, of Edwards was arrested as a result of the deadly crash on the Lake of the Ozarks on Saturday.

According to the Missouri State Highway Patrol, shortly after 9 p.m. Jackson, crashed when he failed to maintain a proper look-out and struck a rock bluff.

As a result of the collision, 58-year-old Thomas McKown of Byrnes Mill, was killed.

Jackson, along with 36-year-old James A. McKown and 64-year-old James E. McKown, of Smithfield and Excelsior Springs, sustained moderate injuries and were transported to Lake Regional Hospital.

Jackson faces possible felony charges of boating while intoxicated which resulted in the death of another and careless imprudent driving that resulted in a vessel crash.

None of the men were wearing their life jackets.

In the second incident an Iowa man sustained serious injuries after getting struck by a boat propeller Friday.

According to the highway patrol, the accident happened when the driver, 62-year-old Scott Pape of Iowa, mistakenly put the boat into gear while trying to dock it, resulting in passenger Marvin Neill, 57, falling overboard and getting struck by the boat’s propeller.

Neill suffered serious injuries and was taken to Lake Regional Hospital in Osage Beach.

Neither men were wearing their life jackets, the report said.