Parson Honors First Responders — Bryant Gladney Awarded the Red, White, and Blue Heart Award

A Boone County Fire Protection District Assistant Chief killed in the line of duty in December of 2021 is being honored by Governor Mike Parson.

Bryant Gladney was killed when his department vehicle was struck by a tractor trailer while he was blocking traffic at an incident on I-70 on December 22nd.

Gladney was one of 23 First Responders honored by Governor Parson yesterday (Wednesday) morning during the Missouri Public Safety Medals ceremony.

Gladney was the first recipient of the Red, White, and Blue Heart Award, presented to any first responder who under honorable circumstances is critically, seriously, or fatally injured while performing official duties in the line of duty.

Other Public Safety awards were presented to members of the Missouri State Highway Patrol, Jefferson City Police Department, Capitol Police, and the Cole County Sheriff’s Department.