Mexico Board of Education Meets In Regular Session

The Strategic Plan presented at last month’s Mexico Board of Education meeting is now officially adopted following a vote at tonight’s (Tuesday’s) meeting.

Educational Governance Leadership conducted the surveys that led to the seventeen smart goals adopted by the board, ranging from maintaining strong academics to facilities maintenance to ways to grow as a school board.

According to Dr. Tim Hadfield with EGL, all of the goals are very achievable by the district.

Board President Keith Louder asked Superintendent Melissa Chastain prior to voting on the adoption of the plan for her comments.

She said that she and the administrative staff were excited for the transparency that the plan allows for and that it’s been eight to ten years since the plan had been updated,

Chastain went on the say that the plan is ambitious and holds everyone accountable and that it contains best practices which is what the district should be doing.

The board will hold a work session following the November board meeting to work on their professional development plan.

The November meeting is November 15th at Central Office, 2101 Lakeview Road.