Mexico Board of Education Meets In Regular Session

Discussion on the potential move to a 4-day school week for Mexico Public Schools continued at tonight’s (Tuesday’s) school board meeting.

The board reviewed results of a survey conducted by the district that included students, parents, and district patrons.

On the student side, responses were received from 65-70 percent of those eligible for the survey with 63% of the responses being in favor of the switch.

From the 260 responses received from staff members, those in favor of moving to a 4-day week outnumbered those wanting to stay with a 5-day week 4 to 1.

The Independence school district voted last week to move to a 4-day week and would be the largest district in Missouri to do so with 14,000 students.

According to Superintendent Melissa Chastain, of the 141 districts in the state that operate on a 4-day week, 55% of them made the switch following the COVID-19 pandemic.

The board voted to hold a special session to discuss the results of the survey prior to the January board meeting.