Ty Lue Bringing A Three Day Celebration To Mexico

Los Angeles Clippers head coach and Mexico native Tyronn Lue will once again be bringing a Fourth of July celebration to his hometown.

It will be a three-day celebration starting on Friday, June 30th at 5pm, at Tyronn Lue Park.

The night will include a DJ and food vendors as well as a community kickball game for ages 14 and up from 6pm to 9pm.

Then a teen block party from 7pm to 10pm at the baseball parking lot for ages 13-17.

At 9pm a DJ for ages 25 and up at the 4H Center.

The activities continue on Saturday, July 1st starting a 10am with the first annual Ty Lue appreciation parade on the downtown square.

Then basketball tournaments from 1-8 at Tyronn Lue Park and a fireworks display at dusk. From 11pm an after party at the 4h Center for ages 21 and over.

The celebration concludes on Sunday, July 2nd from noon to 5 with free swimming, food, and a DJ at the Mexico Aquatic Center. You must be present with your child.






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