Fireworks Safety in a Drought

As reported by the U.S. Drought Monitor survey, almost twenty percent of the state is in the extreme drought category, an increase of four percent from last week.

Ninety four percent of the state is dry and fifty two percent of Missouri is experiencing severe drought.

As a result of these conditions, cities statewide have canceled firework shows; with some areas banning fireworks altogether.

If you do choose to set off fireworks, or will be in the area where they are set off; it is important to be hyper-vigilante. In addition to being alert and aware, there are precautions that you can take to help prevent fires and accidents:

*Have a hose nearby (if possible) and buckets of water. You should also have an easy to access fire extinguisher.

*Don’t assume a firework is not still dangerous even if it appears to be a dud. Let it set for several minutes, then soak it down.

*Have a first aid kit and ensure that it has treatments for burns.

*Establish an area of safety. The Department of Homeland Security suggests staying at least thirty five feet away from ground based fireworks. For aerial displays, spectators should be about one hundred fifty feet away.

*Sparklers are not harmless! They burn at about 2000 degrees and could very easily start a fire in these dry conditions. If you allow your children to play with them; supervise them closely.

*The person setting off the fireworks should not consume any alcohol at all.

*Once you are done with the fireworks, make sure to soak all the remains and let them set for several hours before disposal.

Certainly, if you choose to use fireworks (and it is legal to do so), have fun and enjoy your 4th of July holiday! Still, due to the extreme drought, it is especially important to be watchful and on guard against fires.



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