Callaway County Sheriff’s Department Warns Of Two Separate Scams

The Callaway County Sheriff’s Department is warning about several scams they have been made aware of.

According to a Facebook from Callaway County Sheriff’s Department the first scam is where citizens receive a call with the Caller ID showing Callaway County Sheriff’s Office and phone number.

During the call the scammer claims a package is being held up in customs that contains drugs and the victim needs to pay a certain amount of money or they will be arrested.

The second scam mainly targets older people who have children and grand children.

The sheriffs department says the scammer does some research and knows their grandchild’s name and knows the grandchild may live out of state.

The scammer calls the victim claiming to be their grandchild or an attorney representing their grandchild, claiming to need thousands of dollars in cash sent to them overnight to get them out of jail for either manslaughter or drugs.

The Sheriff’s Department says if you receive a phone call like this to hang up and if in doubt call the Callaway County Sheriff’s Department at 573-642-7291 option 6 and ask to speak to a deputy.

The Callaway County Sheriff’s Department provided several tips to help avoid being the victim of a scam.

Do NOT send anyone cash
Do NOT send anyone a check
Do NOT send anyone a money transfer
Do NOT provide your debit or credit card number
Do NOT go to a retail store to purchase some gift card for delivery to a second person
Do NOT provide the caller with the identifying numbers that are displayed on a gift card
Do NOT provide your social security number to anyone over the phone, even if they have your date of birth and need to “verify” your information.
Do NOT provide your banking information
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