Mexico Public Safety Responds To Storm Damage

On Saturday, August 12, 2023, at about 3:30 AM, strong winds and rain moved through Mexico. The Mexico Public Safety Department responded to or discovered about 25 locations in central Mexico where limbs, utility lines, or debris were blocking the roadway. The Mexico Street Department responded with heavy equipment to clear sections of trees from about 10 locations and Missouri Department of Transportation (MODOT) cleared a section of tree that had fallen in the 700 block of Muldrow.


By around 4:30 AM, Ameren was aware that about 2,000 residents were out of power and Ameren was working to get it restored. Two utility poles came down in the 400 block of Mars Street, causing live electric lines to fall across a metal out building. Ameren responded and had to cut electricity to the area so they could safely replace the poles. MPSD stood by and after the scene was safe, extinguished a small fire on the roof of the out building.


At least one home and one vehicle were hit by large limbs. Residents are reminded to drive carefully and respect cones or barricades as there are still some low hanging lines that can be difficult to see. Remember that when lines are on the ground, they can appear to not have a charge but actually still have one.


There have been no injuries from the event.





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