City Of Mexico Announces Curb-Side Brush Pickup Event After Recent Storms

Due to the recent storms, the City of Mexico will be providing a curb-side brush pickup event on Tuesday, August 22nd and Wednesday, August 23rd.

Residents on the north side of the railroad tracks will have their brush picked up on Tuesday while residents on the south side of the tracks will have their brush picked up on Wednesday weather permitting.

All brush will need to be brought to the edge of the street or curb by 6am the day of pick up.

Brush greater than four inches in diameter must be four foot or shorter lengths.

No root wads, stumps, lumber, pallets, or other miscellaneous material will be picked up.

Brush brought to the curb-side after these pickup dates will not be picked up and will need to be taken to the City Brush Yard during normal business hours.






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