Mexico Public Safety Department Report 8/28/2023

Calls for service:

Mexico Public Safety responded to the following calls for service over the weekend starting on Friday, August 25, 2023:

  • Domestic verbal incident on North Washington and at North Clark.
  • Stealing or theft on North Western.
  • Fraud at 4820 South Clark.
  • Assault without injury on East Jackson/Jefferson.
  • Unwanted subject at North Western.
  • Anhydrous odor on Rivers Drive.

Public Safety went to these calls on Saturday, August 26, 2023:

  • Suspicious person at Robert S. Green Park.
  • Neighbor dispute on South Washington.
  • Scam at East Love.
  • Road obstruction on South Clark/East 54 Diner.
  • Property damage at South Washington and on Franklin Road.
  • Stealing or theft at Robinhood.
  • Trespassing on North Clark.
  • Suspicious person at Wonneman Circle and on South Washington/Promenade.

Mexico Public Safety went to the following calls for service yesterday (Sunday), August 27, 2023:

  • Suspicious activity at East Monroe.
  • Shots fired reported on South Clark/Lakeview Road.
  • Suspicious person at South Jefferson/Promenade and on Pollack Road and at Vance Road and on West Liberty and at Green Boulevard.
  • Domestic verbal incident on Latney and at South Abat.
  • Shoplifting at 600 West Jackson.
  • Harassment on Rock Springs Drive.
  • Unwanted subject at Perry.
  • Trespassing on West Liberty.
  • Domestic physical incident at North Agricultural/Promenade.
  • Stealing or theft at 4820 South Clark.





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