Game. Set. Match. Mexico High School Girls Tennis Takes First Place In Osage Tournament

The Mexico High School Lady Bulldogs Tennis Team took 1st place at the Osage Tournament on Saturday, September 18, 2023.

Mexico head coach Kim Costley says “We placed 1st at the Osage Tournament. We had 3 girls new to this tournament this year. There is only 1 singles bracket and 1 doubles bracket in this tournament so when first time players attend, it’s sometimes intimidating. Everyone won their first match so that means 2 groups upset another team. The weather was mild so it was a great day to play 3 matches. Katie Gooch has won a lot of matches this season and this was no exception as she finished on top in the tournament. All 6 Lady Bulldogs played well and we are seeing some very smart play from our doubles teams. We have had a grueling schedule, but the experience gained from those matches in paying off.”

Results from the Osage Tournament:

Katie Gooch (3-0) 1st place

1st round vs. Addie Boren (Osage) 8-0

2nd round vs. Sherridin Hoskins (Willow Springs) 8-0

3rd round vs. Megan Smithson (Osage) 8-3 

Jyllian Whitworth (2-1) 3rd place

1st round vs. Emily Baker (Boonville) 8-4

2nd round vs. Megan Smithson (Osage) 3-8

3rd round vs. Sherridin Hoskins (Willow Springs) 6-1

Lucy Gleeson/Lani Blair (2-1) 3rd place

1st round vs. Kirchner/Hunley (Boonville) 8-1

2nd round vs. Adkins/Crocker (Osage) 8-5

3rd round vs. Wilson/Hann (Willow Springs) 2-8

Alice Eggen/Daida Herrera-Garcia (1-2) 4th place

1st round vs. Kacey/Sanchez (Boonville) 8-4

2nd round vs. Wilson/Hann (Willow Springs) 1-8

3rd round vs. Adkins/Crocker (Osage) 4-6

1st Mexico = 18.5 points

2nd Willow Springs = 12 points

3rd Osage = 10.5 points

4th Boonville = 2 points

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