Mexico Public Safety Department Report 9/27/2023

Calls for service:

Mexico Public Safety Department responded to the following calls for service yesterday (Tuesday), September 26, 2023:

  • Suspicious noise on South Clark.
  • Assault with no injury at West Boulevard.
  • Indecent behavior on 2783 South Clark.
  • Property damage at South Trinity and on West Buchanan.
  • Harassment at Perry.
  • Stealing or theft on Schopp and at North Washington.
  • Careless and imprudent driver on Quisenberry/Muldrow.
  • Domestic physical incident at North Western.

Car accidents:

A two-car accident on Western at Monroe on Tuesday, September 26, 2023. According to the Mexico Public Safety accident report it happened when a vehicle driven by 44-year-old Stacy Salter of Ashland was in the turning lane and a vehicle driven by 45-year-old Kimberly Jones of Mexico drove past and attempted to turn into the turning lane and did not allow enough room and a collision happened. No injuries were reported.