Mexico Woman Faces Federal Indictment

Nine people, including a Mexico woman have been arrested in connection to a multi-state drug trafficking conspiracy.

33 year old Louetta Dorsey was arrested yesterday when police and federal agents made a series of early morning raids in the St. Louis and Hannibal areas.

A federal grand jury handed down an indictment against 13 men and women in December. It was unsealed yesterday just before the arrests began.

According to the 19 page indictment, 45 year old Tyrone Williams of Hannibal and 31 year old Justin Woodson of St. Louis would obtain cocaine in Austin Texas and bring it to St. Louis where they hired couriers to transport the drugs to Hannibal where it was converted to crack cocaine for distribution.

Additionally the indictment alleges members of the conspiracy also distributed heroin, crack cocaine and cocaine in the Hannibal area, and in Eastern Missouri.

Dorsey went before a federal magistrate yesterday, and is being detained pending a detention hearing tomorrow.





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