Comerzan Trial Continues with Testimony from MO State Trooper

The Sergei Comerzan trial was in its 2nd day yesterday (Tuesday) in a St. Charles Court room.

Sgt. Doug McPike with the Missouri Highway Patrol was on the witness stand and gave his memory of the day of the crash for the jury.

McPike knew both deceased State Trooper James Bava and the accused Sergei Comerzan.

A state trooper video of McPike interviewing Comerzan was shown.

In the video McPike questions Comerzan about whether or not he was on Route FF the day of the accident, and Comerzan denies it, however then recants the statement later on to investigators, indicating that he had mixed up the road with Route ZZ.

McPike testified Comerzan lied 6 times during the interview.

The trial continues today (Wednesday).





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