City of Mexico Tax Rates Decrease, Water Rates May Go Up

At last night’s Mexico City Council Meeting, the board approved the decrease in property taxes for the 2018 fiscal year.

The 2.4 percent reduction in price is due to an increase of over 10 million dollars in the community in property value over the last year.

Additionally, Patrick Kelly, Missouri Area Operations Manager for Missouri American Water gave a presentation regarding a proposed increase in water in all regions they serve.

For a typical residential customer that utilizes approximately 15000 gallons of water per month, the volumetric cost will increase approximately 15%. Currently, water cost is $4.14 per 1000 gallons, and will go up to $6.30 for the same amount. The cost will be somewhat offset by a set meter cost drom from $15.30 to $10.

Kelly reported the driving factor in the increase in water service will be recovery of investments made. The proposals will increase revenue for Missouri American Water 75 million, while the cost of investments made are in the area of 500 million. The current rates will stay in place until sometime in 2018, and must be approved by the Public Service Commission.





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