Troopers Testify In Comerzan Trial

Day two of the retrial of Serghei Comerzan saw testimony from law enforcement that assisted in investigating what led up to the car crash that killed Missouri State Trooper, James Bava, in Audrain County in August of 2015.

Sergeant Doug McPike gave testimony that he was Trooper Bava’s supervisor, and also had spent quite alot of time with Comerzan as he grew up.


McPike questioned Comerzan the night of the crash, saying Comerzan lied about his route to work in that morning. During the interview, McPike said “he didn’t want to believe Comerzan was involved”.

McPike also testified in Comerzan’s first trial that ended in a mistrial last May.

Jurors also watched Comerzan’s interview with Cpl. Matt Haslag, in which he can be heard saying he didn’t see a cop behind him, but admitted to being on Highway FF that morning.

The state also called a witness that had not been utilized in the first trial. Chris See was subpoeneaed today. He said that on the day Trooper Bava died, he and Comerzan discussed Comerzan leaving his motorcycle at See’s house to be painted. His bike was later found at a residence in Millersburg.

Just before jury selection on Friday, prosecutors downgraded the original charge of second degree murder to involuntary manslaughter.

The trial is expected to last through the week.

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