Audrain Prosecutor Releases Statement On Comerzan Acquittal

Audrain County Prosecutor, Jacob Shellabarger, issued a statement following the conclusion of the Serghei Comerzan trial yesterday. [Friday]

A St. Charles County jury found Comerzan not guilty of felony resisting arrest and involuntary manslaughter for the 2015 death of Missouri Trooper James Bava.

Bava was killed in a car crash on highway FF after prosecutors said he had begun a pursuit of a speeding motorcycle in August of 2015.

In the statement, Shellabarger said “although Mr. Comerzan was acquitted of these charges, the Audrain County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office took this case to trial to allow a full, fair and as complete as possible public trial, showing the facts, evidence and testimony which the State believed was sufficient to prove the case beyond a reasonable doubt.”

He went on to say the office stands behind their prosecution, and believes the evidence supported a finding of guilty, but they respect the difficult decision the jury made.

Shellabarger said the pain of the secondary trauma continues to be felt throughout the first responder community, and wishes healing and comfort for them.

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