Investigative Committee Report Says Affair Was Mostly Consensual, Sometimes Violent

A report from the House Committee investigating allegations of invasion of privacy against Governor Eric Greitens has been released.

According to the report, the woman testified she was his hair dresser. The first time the pair met outside of the salon was in an alley behind Starbucks in St. Louis.


In that meeting he had invited her to come to his house when his wife was out of town. She said she told him she would feel more comfortable meeting in a public place, to which he responded he could not do that due to running for office.

She went to his house on March 21, 2015, where he searched her for wires, then had her change into lounge wear, saying he wanted to teach her to do a proper pull up. He tied her up with gauze tape and blindfolded her before ripping the shirt open and pulling down her pants and spitting water in her mouth. That was when he allegedly took the picture. Greitens told the woman he would distribute the picture if she spoke of him.

The woman said she became very upset and he helped her get down and he laid her on the floor, and was attempting to comfort her, but she said she did not feel like he would let her leave until she performed oral sex on him.

She went back later in the day when Greitens apologized according to the report.

The witness testified all of the encounters with the governor were consensual, except the time in his home when he allegedly took the picture.

The report also says Greiten’s declined an opportunity to speak with the committee.


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