Missouri Senator Calls On Trump To Urge Greitens Resignation

A Republican Missouri Senator has sent a letter to President Trump requesting he urge Governor Eric Greitens to resign in light of the release of a report yesterday [Wednesday] indicating violence and sexual coercion of a woman he had an extramarital affair with in 2015.

In the letter Rob Schaaf says “His SEAL training has taught him never to surrender, never to walk away from a fight. He is trained to endure pain, and those watching can easily see that he is enduring alot of it, and he seems unmoved by the pain his fellow Missourians are also enduring as a result of his refusal. I believe he will not resign even if every statewide official and every legislator calls for his resignation.”

Schaaf goes on to say to Trump “his training has taught him to always obey his Commander-In-Chief. While he has it wired into his personality never to shy from battle, he may listen to you, the one person who might be able to get this soldier to stand down.”





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