Mexico Man Charged with Murdering Fiancee

A Mexico man is being charged with murdering his fiance by the Monroe County Prosecutor.

According to the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office James Addie was arrested on Saturday for murdering his fiance 35 year old Molly Watson of Huntsville.

The probable cause statement reads that someone discovered Watson’s body on the ground Friday night just after 10 near her vehicle in a low water crossing east of Highway 151 and Route M in Monroe County.

Police say she had injuries consistent with blunt force trauma.

When Addie was interviewed by police he stated he has been married to his current wife for 22 years,and he and Molly had been in a relationship for seven years and were to be married yesterday (Sunday) in Columbia however they had only spoken by cell phone since Wednesday, April 24th.

Police say Addie admitted to driving a car that matched the tire imprint located at the crime scene but says he only went to visit a friend in Cairo in the car.

An investigation is continuing.

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