Mexico Board of Education Approves Middle School Softball, Hears From Parents On Head Lice Policy

The Mexico Board of Education had a full agenda including a public hearing for a tax levy, discussion on a head lice policy and approving a softball team for Mexico Middle School.

Parents were in attendance and two spoke regarding a change to the head lice policy that would dictate that students would remain in school for the remainder of the day after the discovery of head lice and parents would be notified of treatment procedures. Students would return the next day, and can stay in class as long as no live bugs are found, and then they would be sent home.

Kristin Blair, a local salon owner, reports she has seen a growing number of cases of lice in her clients, particularly among middle and high school age students. She suggested regular checks of every student would help.

She said nits hatch within 8 to 10 days and the bugs are microscopic and easily missed, and left untreated can cause disease.

School nurse, Angie Anderson, spoke to the board saying in a meeting with school nurses, the health department and pediatricians it was discovered that sending students home for lice, as is the current policy, does not align with the Centers for Disease Control.

Board member Kelli Teel made a motion for the Middle School to have a softball team to begin in 2019. It unanimously passed.

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