Mexico Girls Cross Country North Central Missouri Conference Champs, Boys Take Second Place

The Mexico High School Girls Cross Country are  the NCMC (conference) Champions winning Saturday, and the Boys team took second! We also had SEVEN individuals earn ALL NCMC by scoring in the top 15.

john wilbers

Head Coach John Wilbers says the strategy this year has been consistent training miles, lots of tempo running, and trying to run in as tight a pack as possible during races.

These factors all came together for a very successful race day against a very tight field of competitors.

Without a lot of grit and heart, we could have easily slid to 3rd or 4th or had half as many medalists.

This is a great group of young athletes who really pull together and give their best!

We still have a regular-season competition left (Tuesday here at Green Estates, 4 pm) and then Districts. Districts will be much harder than Conference this year, although I still expect several kids to make “All District” and qualify for the State Meet on Nov 3rd.

ncmc - boys group 2nd place
1 Brock Fisher 12 Fulton High School 17:20 winning time
5 Gage Worley 12 Mexico Dxc 18:09 *MEDALIST – ALL NCMC*
6 Tom Calaluce 12 Mexico Dxc 18:19 *MEDALIST – ALL NCMC*
11 Dylan Kronk 12 Mexico Dxc 18:41 *MEDALIST – ALL NCMC*
16 Raef Yager 10 Mexico Dxc 18:46
18 Baylee Dukes 11 Mexico Dxc 19:45
21 Ethan Wilson 11 Mexico Dxc 20:01
24 Zach Quinlan 12 Mexico Dxc 20:17
1 Kirksville High School 44
2 Mexico Dxc 56 (2nd place NCMC RUNNER UP)
3 Moberly High School 84
4 Fulton High School 100
5 Marshall High School 105
6 Hannibal High School 118

1 Claudia Nichols 11 HANNIBAL 21:23 winning time
2 Moenaisa sidique 10 Mexico Dxc 21:34 *MEDALIST – ALL NCMC*
5 Rosanna mckeown 11 Mexico Dxc 22:27 *MEDALIST – ALL NCMC*
10 Anna fairchild 10 Mexico Dxc 22:54.40 10*MEDALIST – ALL NCMC*
13 Helena fairchild 12 Mexico Dxc 23:29.74 13*MEDALIST – ALL NCMC*
17 Qierra holman 11 Mexico Dxc 24:29.12 17
18 Kierra jackson 10 Mexico Dxc 24:40.71 18
19 Jackie calaluce 12 Mexico Dxc 24:43.15 19

1 Mexico Dxc 47 ** NCMC CHAMPS **
2 Hannibal High School 49
3 Moberly High School 61
4 Kirksville High School 93
5 Fulton High School 99

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