Diocese of Jefferson City Releases Names Of Priests Accused Of Abuse

Bishop W. Shawn McKnight of the Diocese of Jefferson City has released a list of 33 priests and religious brothers credibly accused of sexual abuse today. [Thursday]

The list includes 3 priests from other dioceses that served in the Jefferson City Diocese , 5 members of a religious order and 25 priests from the Jefferson City Diocese. Fourteen of those named are deceased, and the rest are no longer in the ministry. One has been criminally convicted.


Priest List

According to the release the average year of birth for the men involved is 1938, with ordination around 1964.

The most recent case of physical sexual abuse was in 1997, since then 2 credible allegations have been made. One involving social media and the other involving child pornography.

The Diocese has spent $4.7 million since 2003 on expenses related to the cases.


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