Mexico City Council

Mexico City Council met Monday with some questions about the Teal Lake Apartments.

Councilwoman Dr. Ayanna Shivers reports a representative with Housing Management Services LLC was present to discuss progress on the project.


He reported that out of the 30 units that have been rented or will soon be rented, 5 of them will be occupied by residents on Section 8 rental assistance.

Members of the council voiced concern about the original proposal for the development specifying that “no rental assistance will be connected to this development.”

The representative said they have no choice but to comply with federal fair housing laws.

The Council also discussed the park survey that was taken in April of 2013, and the need for a new survey to reassess if the community feels more needs to be done to the city parks.

The new survey, that will be conducted by ETC Institute of Olathe, Kansas, will cost approximately $12,500 plus $1500 for the geocoded survey map.

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