DOC Vehicle Involved In Crash With Ambulance In Mexico

Mexico Public Safety responded to East Liberty Street this afternoon [Thursday] after an accident involving a Van-Far ambulance.

According to Mexico Public Safety, the ambulance was transporting a prisoner from the Vandalia Prison to St. Mary’s Hospital-Audrain.


The ambulance was struck in the rear by the Missouri Department of Corrections escort vehicle.

An Audrain Ambulance completed the transport of the prisoner.

There were no injuries resulting from the crash.

2 Responses

  1. Geoff Haug

    That’s what you get when DOC policies say you have to remain in sight of the ambulance, but also say you have to obey all the traffic laws including posted speed limits. The ambulance can use its flashers and run every stop sign between Vandalia and Mexico, but the DOC car is just an ordinary vehicle.

  2. Logan

    How does that result in an ambulance being rear ended? If you’re obeying all traffic laws then you have left adequate stopping distance between you and the vehicle ahead of you. Just sounds like inattention to me.

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