Judge Rules In Favor of State Auditor’s Office in Open Records Lawsuit

A judge is ruling that Missouri Auditor Nicole Galloway did not violate the state’s open records law in a law suit.

The conservative non-profit group Missouri Alliance for Freedom sued Galloway in May of 2017, alleging she did not release all the records required under the Sunshine Law when they requested information from an audit of the Department of Revenue.

An attorney for Galloway stated during a trial in August that her office turned over screenshots of some text messages, along with 45,000 pages of other communications.

The main issue was the auditor’s office use of IPhones that automatically erase messages after 30 days and the organization suing Galloway said that policy violated procedures for preserving records.

The judge ruled yesterday (Monday) the organization had not proven the auditor’s office either intentionally or mistakenly violated the Sunshine Law.

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