Mexico Board Of Education Discuss Soccer Field

The Mexico Board of Education met Monday night and had a discussion on what improvements could be made at Chris Hotop Soccer Field at Mexico Middle School.

The soccer field is located in the center of the track at the middle school, making it more narrow than other fields.


The board discussed options including eliminating half of the track around the existing field, moving the field west of the track and adding irrigation and lighting, or moving it to the current football practice field at Mexico High School.

The board made two motions for the soccer field.  The first was to ask for bids for both widening the track and moving it west.  The second was to get an estimate on what it would cost to move the soccer facility to the high school.

During the meeting a technology report was presented, leading to a conversation about 1 to 1 technology.

This would allow high school students to be issued a Chrome Book they would use for their academic career in Mexico.  The devices would be taken home and in some cases be used in lieu of textbooks.  Dr. Zach Templeton said this capability could potentially happen as soon as next year.

Staff recently spent time tracking down the 147 members of the class of 2018.

Out of the graduating class, 55.78% are attending college, 44.72% are not attending college and 2.34% are enlisted in the military.

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