City Of Mexico Working On Making Sidewalks ADA Compliant

A plan of attack on making sidewalks compliant with the American with Disabilities Act is being put together by the Mexico City Council.

A study done by Bartlett and West recently rated Mexico’s existing sidewalk conditions.


Mexico has 55 miles of sidewalk in total.

38 miles or 68 percent of the total sidewalks in Mexico were rated as non-compliant with the ADA.

The city council is looking at a 30 year plan at making the sidewalks ADA compliant with a yearly cost of about two hundred sixty six thousand dollars and a total cost estimated at 8.2 million dollars.

The council will look into grants, as well as public and private cost sharing to pay for the project.

Mexico made improvements to 1.2 miles of sidewalk last year, and look to to improve another 1.2 miles this year.

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