Columbia City Manager Releases Statement On Airport Delays

The Columbia City Manager John Glascock is releasing a statement addressing some airlines canceling flights at the Columbia Regional Airport.

In a statement released yesterday (Sunday) Glascock apologized for the sudden cancellations and said, the airport manager, economic development director, and consulting firm are working to understand the airlines’ concerns and to resume service at the Columbia Regional Airport as soon as possible.

The concerns are about a crown on runway 2-20 where it intersects runway 13-31.

According to Glascock the crown causes a feeling of hitting a bump while taking off and landing.

The crown is in place to drain water off the runway.

American Airlines canceled all flights at the airport yesterday (Sunday) and today (Monday).

Glascock and other airport officials will discuss options with airlines and the FAA this (Monday) morning.

The Columbia Regional Airport is still open and operational, and for flight schedules and statuses of flights people are asked to call the airline companies.

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