Mexico City Council Hears Park Update

The Mexico City Council met Monday night and heard from members of the Parks and Recreation Department in a work session.

Director Chad Shoemaker spoke with the board and the Comprehensive Park Plan that was established in 2014.  According to Shoemaker, the plan has three main objectives; to take care of what they have, enhance what they have and to plan a build for the future.


Shoemaker then discussed issues with Kiwanis Lake.  He says the lake far to much nitrogen and phosphorous in the more than 200 acre watershed.   The department has worked for several years to attempt to fix the problem using beneficial bacteria, however, this is not working effectively.  Shoemaker told the council there may need to be some construction completed at the inlets to filter more of the phosphorus out before it reaches the lake itself.  Additionally, a public education campaign will need to take place in order to teach the community about the main source of phosphorous which is typically lawn fertilizer.


In the regular session meeting, the council approved a contract with Microsurfacing Contractors in the amount of $99,974.90 for the annual microsealing of Mexico roadways.  This year’s project will take place on the square and the adjacent roads.

The parks department will be receiving a 3/4 ton Pickup Mounted Trash Tipper to help city employees collect the garbage at the park more safely and efficiently.  The council accepted a bid in the amount of $16,220.  The upgrade of the trash facilities in the city’s parks has been budgeted at $25,000 and the remainder of the funds will be used to purchase trash carts that are compatible with the trash tipper.

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