Mexico School Board Votes Down Bus Driver Pay

In a 4 to 3 vote the Mexico Board of Education decided to gather more information about a new pay scale for bus drivers at their Tuesday meeting.

Superintendent Dr. Zach Templeton proposed drivers make $16 per hour base pay while on routes, and while sitting idle as they would when transporting to an event they would make $8.60 per hour. He reported to the board most drivers would make more money and some would see a dip in their pay.

Board Members Heather DeMint and Kelli Teel expressed concern that any driver would make less money.

During the vote, DeMint, Teel, Scott Nichols and Brian Rowe opted against the change, while Dustin Pascoe, Nicole Nelson and Nathan Birt voted affirmatively.

A special session will be held in the next few weeks to revisit the issue and attempt to resolve the drop in pay for some drivers.

Also in the meeting, the board decided to accept a bid for a new greenhouse. The total price is $104,379.25 of which the state will cover $62,078.56 leaving the district with the remaining $42,300.69.






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