Special Election Ballot Questions For Callaway County and Hallsville Residents

Several issues on the ballot in today’s (Tuesday) special election.

callaway county courthouse

In Callaway County voters will have the chance to vote on 2 proposed sales tax increases.


Each increase would be by .5 percent and would be used to fund law enforcement expansion projects.

Proposition one would use money to keep the county’s compensation and retention packages for law enforcement compensation with neighboring counties.

If approved the tax increase would be permanent.

Prop 2 would fund renovations and expansions of several current law enforcement buildings like the Callaway County Courthouse, and would fund the construction of a new Justice Center.

voting image

Voters in Hallsville will be asked if they should sell their sewer system.

According to the Hallsville City Administrator Kenyetta Ridgway-Sample, the city can not afford to increase the sewage system’s capacity from a growing population due to a more than 1.3 million dollar debt that is scheduled to be paid in 2033.

Hallsville’s current sewer rate is $19.25 for the first 1,000 gallons and .50 cents for each 100 gallons after the 1,000 gallon threshold.

Polling locations open at 7 this (Tuesday) morning and close at 7 tonight (Tuesday).

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