Mexico Middle School Wrestling Results Vs. Kirksville Vs. Centralia

The Mexico Middle School wrestlers were on the road last night in Kirksville for a meet against Kirksville and Centralia.

Coaches: Tony Senor, Austin McBride, Adam Barnett

Date: 12/05/19    Location: Kirksville Middle School 

(Photo Credit To David Pickering)

Individual Matches: 

Tyrese Waters 1-1

Cameron Beasley 2-0

Emille Scanavino 0-2

Ethan Mertens 1-2

Keegan Koons 1-2

Watson Azdell 1-2; 1 Pin Fall

Michael Pfeifer 1-2

Grant Van Horn 2-1; 1 Pin Fall

Jaylen Johnson 1-2; 1 Pin Fall

Carter Winterbower 1-1

Bryan Garza 1-1

Peyton Hoover 2-0; 1 Pin Fall

Jacob Hernandez 2-1; 2 Pin Falls

Jorge Hernandez 0-2

Dalton Arnolt 3-0; 3 Pin Falls

Caleb Prater 2-0; 1 Pin Fall

Nick Phelps 1-2

Haydan Brixey 0-3

Devan Farris 0-3

Marcos Matyz 0-2

Katie Bowen 1-0

Kayle Martin 3-0; 2 Pin Falls

Devin Cross 0-4


Coach’s Comments: 

We had a combined record of 26-31 and historically, when we go to Kirksville, we see tougher competition.

Also our wrestlers have never had to wrestle back to back before and that can be hard for a younger wrestler.

Kayle Martin showed some leadership with going 3-0. Dalton Arnolt, Caleb Prater, and Peyton Hoover also went undefeated.

Jaylen Johnson is showing a lot of improvement and had some tight matches. Nick Phelps also got his first win of the season and wrestled well.

Next up is our Capital City Tournament and we have a chance to take home some hardware.

Can’t wait to see what our MMS Wrestlers can do. 

Next Match date and time 12/07/19 At Capital City Tournament at Thomas Jefferson Middle School 9:00 AM






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