Mexico Wrestling Team Splits Decision at Meet With Marshall And Oak Grove

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Mexico Varsity wrestling defeated Marshall 42 to 36 and lost to Oak Grove 48 to 27 on the road last (Tuesday) night.

Mexico (MEXICO) 42.0 Marshall (MARSHALL) 36.0

113: Brayan Juarez (MEXICO) over Gavin Mills (MARSHALL) (Fall 4:58)

120: Ricardo Juarez (MEXICO) over Tytus Bellamy (MARSHALL) (Fall 3:31)

126: Keeron Ward (MARSHALL) over (MEXICO) (For.) 132: Dylan Mosley (MEXICO) over Isacc Jackson (MARSHALL) (Fall 4:31)

138: Diego Carranza (MARSHALL) over Ahrajah Givens (MEXICO) (Fall 2:18)

145: Kevin Duong (MEXICO) over Jaden Riley (MARSHALL) (Fall 0:49)

152: Alex Ybarra (MARSHALL) over (MEXICO) (For.)

160: Terrell Williams (MEXICO) over Gabriel Pineda (MARSHALL) (Fall 1:21)

170: Clint Allen (MEXICO) over Zac Martinez (MARSHALL) (Fall 3:23)

182: Owen kiso (MARSHALL) over (MEXICO) (For.)

195: Ethan Stickels (MARSHALL) over Deacon Haag (MEXICO) (Fall 1:44)

220: Double Forfeit 285: Tarson William (MARSHALL) over Je`Von Mahaney (MEXICO) (Fall 4:21)

106: Keith Ransom (MEXICO) over Dawson Borja (MARSHALL) (Fall 0:22)


Oak Grove (OAKGROVE) 48.0 Mexico

(MEXICO) 27.0 106: Keith Ransom (MEXICO) over (OAKGROVE) (For.)

113: Kaden Scarborough (OAKGROVE) over Brayan Juarez (MEXICO) (Dec 5-3)

120: Ricardo Juarez (MEXICO) over Justin Lor (OAKGROVE) (Fall 0:22)

126: Chayton Kellum (OAKGROVE) over (MEXICO) (For.)

132: Dylan Mosley (MEXICO) over Keegan Huff (OAKGROVE) (Fall 1:58)

138: Keegan Scarborough (OAKGROVE) over Ahrajah Givens (MEXICO) (Fall 0:54)

145: Kevin Duong (MEXICO) over Carson Smith (OAKGROVE) (Dec 7-3)

152: Anthony Erickson (OAKGROVE) over (MEXICO) (For.)

160: Brody Armstrong (OAKGROVE) over Terrell Williams (MEXICO) (Dec 6-2)

170: Adrian Whitehead (OAKGROVE) over Clint Allen (MEXICO) (Fall 1:39)

182: Hunter Chaney (OAKGROVE) over (MEXICO) (For.)

195: Deacon Haag (MEXICO) over (OAKGROVE) (For.)

220: Zander Brinegar (OAKGROVE) over (MEXICO) (For.)

285: Devin Alewine (OAKGROVE) over Je`Von Mahaney (MEXICO) (Fall 2:26)






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