Two Water Main Projects Ongoing In Mexico Could Cause Temporary Street And Lane Closures

Two concurrent projects are ongoing in Mexico to replace water mains.

Missouri American Water Company is replacing the mains along Hendricks from North Jefferson to Luther Drive.

The City of Mexico says that temporary street closures will occur periodically along Hendricks Street between Jefferson and Wade.

The contractor plans to backfill all trenches with rock to minimize closure time, however, there will be times when an overnight closure may be required.

While work is being done along Hendricks Street between Park Road and Luther Drive, periodic closure of the westbound lane is expected throughout the duration of the project.

The contractor plans to have the lane reopened to traffic overnight.

The City of Mexico says they will be communicating with contractors throughout the duration of these projects in an effort to provide 24 hour advance notice of any street closure affecting Hendricks.

Drivers as asked to use caution when driving through these Work Zones and consider an alternate route when possible.

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