Audrain County Health Department Releases May Food Establishment Inspection Report



Establishment Name Inspection Date Inspection Score Critical Violations
Hwy 54 Package Store 5/3/2021 96 Sanitizer too strong- corrected on site. Need dish drainer or drainboard in place to dry dishes.
Dollar General Vandalia 5/4/2021 99 Outdated over the counter medications- corrected on site
The Cookie Club 5/4/2021 99 Facilities must post last inspection for the public to view.
TJ’ s Roadhouse 5/4/2021 93 Food contact surfaces not cleaned and sanitized.  Sanitizer too strong, corrected on site.  Inadequate equipment for temperature control.
Days Inn 5/10/2021 100  
Taco’s & Tequila 5/10/2021 92 Hand sink used for other purposes than hand washing. Dirty nonfood contact surfaces. Restroom doors not self closing. Wrong test strips on site.  Facilities must post last inspection for the public to view.   Date marking.
Mexico Middle School 5/11/2021 100  
Mexico High School 5/12/2021 100  
Dollar Tree 5/13/2021 100  
Xpress Mart Liberty 5/13/2021 98 No sanitizer available for use. Dirty nonfood contact surface area.
Pizza Hut 5/17/2021 100  
Subway-West Plaza 5/17/2021 92 Food items stored under sink.  Facilities must post last inspection for the public to view. Potentially hazardous food not being held at 41 degrees or less in walk in cooler and serving area.  Food not in proper temperature range.
Best Western Teal Lake 5/18/2021 100  
Budget Inn 5/17/2021 100  
Sonic 5/18/2021 100  
Hardees 5/20/2021 97 Hand sinks dirty.  Physical facilities installed, maintained and clean.  Nonfood contact surfaces dirty.
Dagwood Jr. 5/20/2021 100  
Goodfella’s Bar & Grill 5/21/2021 100  
Dug Out Bar & Grill 5/24/2021 99 Facilities must physically post the last Food Inspection Report for the public to view.
Dos Arcos 5/25/2021 100  
Audrain County Jail 5/25/2021 99 In use utensils improperly stored.
Fairground Aquatic Center 5/26/2021 100 NEW
Pratt’s on Monroe 5/27/2021 100  
Moser Foods 5/28/2021 95 Food storage at least 6 inches above the floor, nonfood contact surfaces cleaned, dirty food contact surface- corrected on site





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