Mexico Board Of Education Finalizes Budget With Help From A Former Superintendent

A final budget is now approved for the Mexico School District for the upcoming school year.

The Mexico Board of Education approved the budget during last (Tuesday) night’s meeting.

After parting ways with Superintendent Dr. Tammy Lupardus on June 9th, the Mexico School District reached out for help from former Superintendent Dr. Zach Templeton in finalizing this year’s budget.

Dr. Templeton says the district is in good financial shape.

The budget is estimated to have 28.6 million dollars in revenue and 30.4 million dollars in expenditures, with the deficit to be made up by the district’s fund reserves.

The Mexico Board of Education also voted for a change in meeting times.

The monthly meetings will still be held every third Tuesday, however is it will now be at 5:30pm instead of 7pm. The change will start at the next meeting in July.





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