Audrain County Youth Fair Royalty Crowned Plus Ham And Bacon Show Results

Royalty is now crowned for this year’s Audrain County Youth Fair.

Last night (Friday) Stetson Stone was crowned Prince.

Dillion Gish is King.

Annamarie Stone is the Queen.

And Sophie Fennewald was crowned Princess.

Ham & Bacon Show Results:
Hams (Unsmoked):
Champion – Bryce Oberlag
Reserve – Stetson Stone
3rd – Zane Stone
4th – Brody Oberlag
5th – Annamarie Stone
Hams (Smoked):
Champion – Grayson Hahn
Reserve – Zane Stone
3rd – Cassidy Collier
4th – Annamarie Stone
5th – Brennan Collier
Overall Sale Champion – Bryce Oberlag (Unsmoked)
Overall Reserve Sale Champion – Grayson Hahn (Smoked)
Traditional Cure Bacons:
Champion – Dylan Hoyt
Reserve – Sophia Fennewald
3rd – Ennis Childs
4th – Kade O’Bannon
5th – Baylie Windmann
Specialty Cure Bacons:
Champion – Haley Stone
Reserve – Dylan Hoyt
3rd – Anna Isgrig
4th – Claire Isgrig
5th – Trevor Schutte
Overall Sale Champion – Dylan Hoyt (Traditional)
Overall Reserve Sale Champion – Sophia Fennewald (Traditional)

Day 2 of the Audrian County Fair takes place today (Saturday).

Events starts with a children’s barn yard display.

The fair is free and open to the public and is taking place at the Audrain County 4-H Center and Fairgrounds located at 21509 Highway D in Mexico and will conclude on Tuesday.




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